hot water problems
Posted by mary on January 10, 2002 at 16:05:20:

Have been in newly purchased home for just over one month. Had new kitchen sink installed with single handle Delta faucet. Installed sinks in bathrooms, single handle Delata faucets. New shower sprayers installed, don't remember the brand. Now, for the problem. Lots of hot water in kitchen sink. In bathrooms, after about a minute, more or less, hot water gets lukewarm from all fauchets, tubs (no new faucets here), sinks, shower. Have a 1985 Ruudglas electric water heater. Technician replaced upper heating element and turned up thermostats. No change except water starts out hotter but old problems return with hot water diminishing too soon. Occasonally when I turn on hot water in bathroom sink water comes out initially very cold and gets warmer. Please, please advise, SOMEONE!

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