Sewer water back up into funace flue under concrete slab.
Posted by Jim Wyland on January 09, 2002 at 14:56:10:
All sewer lines are in and under the wall between my utility room and bathroom with a horizontal collector pipe running under concrete to a large vertical pipe to line going to street.The bottom of the horizontal pipewas eaten out causing some sewage to leak into a funnace duct going to bathroom.The ductwork is an 8" cardboard tube with concrete cast around it.The plumber replaced all piping after removing lower part of the wall and the concrete over the pipe.We should have dug out all of the saturated earth and put in fresh fill-we still get some odor from the vent in the bathroom which is abiut 5' away from the suspected leak.Is there any way we could seal this internally with out removing part of the wall and breaking up new concrete?

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