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Posted by hj on January 07, 2002 at 07:21:18:
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If the house is less than 12 years old you may not not have to do it yourself. Reply back as to its age.

: Hi
: I have my house on the market and my real estate agent says that having polybuteline plumbing in my house will effect the saleability of my home.

: I cannot afford to pay a profession plumber to replace it. I am considering replacing it myself.
: I am very handy around the house to the point of possibly starting my own 'Handy-Man' type business.

: My question is, without owning my own professional set of plumbing tools and equipment (except for wrenches and a pipe cutter) what type of pipes (material), fittings and tools "should" I buy to replace the plumbing in my house for the lowest possible cost? I want quality materials that will not cause problems or be really difficult to work with but keep my expenses as low as possible.

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