Re: Hot Weater heat problems
Posted by hj on January 06, 2002 at 18:36:47:
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Turn off the electric or gas to the heater and then close the water valve at the top of it where the pipe comes out of the wall. Not necessarily new heater time until you know where the leak is coming from. If it is leaking and less than 5 years old it should be under warranty.

: I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem..big problem. Last Night our water heat quit working all together,it's not running at all,and is leaking a good bit from top and bottom,more from the top. Today being Sunday,we were unable to call a plumber or anyone,we are just hoping we're not swimming by morning. Am i correct in assuming,the heater is a goner and will have to be replaced? Also,if anyone can help, is there a way to turn the power to the heater off to keep it from leaking? it's a Proline "american water heating company"...about 2-3 years old. I know nothing at all about these any help would be appreciated...e-mail address is
: Thanks in advance for any help

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