Toto Drake Performance
Posted by Dean Whipple on January 05, 2002 at 16:02:26:
I installed 3 Toto Drakes in my new home and all 3 work as well as you have stated on your site. One thing I've noticed about their flush that may be unique to Toto, is when the water leaves the bowl, it does not swirl in circular motion as with traditional US gravity toilets. The Toto Drake water simply drops from the bowl right into the hole. Also, I would say the flush produces about as much noise as traditional gravity flushing toilets, but it just happens more quickly. I have recommended Toto to friends and family, and have also told them about your website. The Toto name does not appear to be widely recognized in Michigan as most folks have never heard of the largest plumbing fixture company in the world. Thank you for all your help and advice-
Dean Whipple

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