Water Pressure Valve
Posted by Dick Barmann on January 05, 2002 at 10:01:38:
My son's house is about 6 years old. He has complained about very LOW hot water pressure. We drained and flushed the hot water heater with a little improvement. Then I noticed that hot & cold had much less pressure than my home. I checked that the Meter was fully on. Then I had him screw the Pressure valve ALL the way in. This helped some. The valve should not have to be all the way in. Is it possible that the valve needs to be taken apart and cleaned? Can this be done without taking it out of line? The part sticking thur the wall looks like a Watts 25AUB. I did not think to get the Model while at his house. If this is neccessary I will get it and Email back. thank You.

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