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Posted by hj on January 05, 2002 at 08:26:35:
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The seat to waterline distance is determined aat the time the bowl is manufactured. Doing anything to increase the distance will have a tendency to reduce the flush efficiency, especially with 1.6 gpf bowls. You are not the first to have the problem, however given the physiology of the "jewels" keeping the room cold should help alleviate the problem.

: A couple of years ago my landlord replaced my quaint "Harmony" "Hogan Mfg - Harford CT" (I called it my "Harmonious Hogan from Harford") w/c with a 1.6 gpf. This was quite the quaint w/c, with the word "Harmony" print near the water line in the rear of the bowl (designed after the Great War to promote world peace, I suppose). I was sorry to see it go (for sentimental reasons, it was poor flusher even for a washout bowl).

: Anyway, the new American Standard w/c is the best 1.6 gpf unit I have had the acquaintance of (straight siphonic, though fed by a Sloan Valve). Only about 1% of the time is a second flush required.

: I was curious while reading your Toilets Review - How can identify the model of this toilet? Is there a secret model plate somewhere other than the usual info right behind the seat.

: OK, enough for the introduction. My question regards seat to water line distance. The only problem with this w/c is the fact that the distance from the seat to the water level is not great enough. Occasionally, my "gems" brush the water which is most unpleasent. This has a factory provided seat.

: Perhaps this issue deserves mention in future editions of the Review? Since I live in an apartment, putting in a new toilet is not a preferred option. Other than installing a seat-lift meant for the elderly/handicapped, what are my options?

: Is their much variation in regular seats in terms of thickness? Just 1/4 to 3/8 inch would solve my problem.

: I am considering a Bidet seat in any case. Possibly these would tend to be thicker?

: NOTE: This IS a serious post.

: Thanks

: Ralph

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