bathtub faucet steady streaming out cold water
Posted by lynnette on January 05, 2002 at 01:10:35:
Hi There, my name is Lynnette and I'm in dire need of assistance. I have a bathtub faucet that has slowly been leaking then tonight it turned into a steady stream, like it's not even shut off. The only way to make it stop for the night is to turn the water off, unfortunately. It's not the handle (that's not stripped), my brother just replaced the handle about a month ago and when he did he had to 'saw' the pipe down a little bit? Does that make sense? I have NO idea what he meant by that. He just did it and said it needs to be 'fixed' soon otherwise it's going to turn into a steady stream. Well, it has.
I know NOTHING about fixing them nor what tools I'll need nor what parts I need to take off to take to the store with me just to FIND the right part! Please help me with this!!

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