Re: Terry - which bidets are best?
Posted by R Taylor on January 04, 2002 at 23:24:35:
In response to Re: Terry - which bidets are best?
Could you add to the bidet seat pages information on the warranties? Unlike the w/c these things seem more likely to break down.

Still, even if they only last a few years you are only talking less than $.50/day.

Also, any chance you might (eventually) write up a page with more detailed recommendations (more like your toilet page). In particular, ease of use (particularly for visitors). Obviously the feature chart is helpful, but its does not make recommendations.

Your recommendations in this email are helpful. But say I decide I don't want (can't afford?) the air dry - Is the Daelim still a top contender?

Finally, which model(s) would you rate as a best buy (i.e. top 25% in features and performance in the bottom 30% in price)?

: : Terry,
: : Assuming I am installing a Toto Ultramax (per your greatly appreciated professional recommendation) which bidet do you suggest? Do you like the Daelim? Why? How does it compare to the Toto Chloe?

: : Muchas Gracias Terry

: Leslie,
: I like the BioBidet, it has the same features at a better price than the Daelim, 
: Both it and the Chloe have heated seats, and adjustable spray nozzles.
: Two good solid units.

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