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Posted by Charlie Gates on January 04, 2002 at 16:14:59:
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: You have to clean out the hose that runs from it to the disposer or sink drain. If it goes to a disposer, also clean out the opening that it is connected to.

: That thing that's mounted on my sink that has water shooting through it when the dishwasher is on - well, it's dumping water all over my countertop and on the new laminate floor (bad, very bad). It's been in use about a year and only lately started it's mini-flooding.I looked inside it and it looks normal. What could this be about? What should I do? I have to stand there and watch it throughout the washing cycle. Help!
I have a house, built in 1974 with a problem with the double sinks filling up with water. There seems to be no obstructions in the pipe, and it is hooked up basically the same as the diagram above. The pipes are exactly the same. The exception is that the dishwasher outlet does not have an air gap. The problem originally was noticed after "someone"
put potato peels in the disposal. Then the dishwater and both sinks backed up. The problem resurfaced after again after a couple of months. I pulled the trap and there was nothing in it. When I reassembled it, both sinks backed up while I was checking for leaks. What is wrong?????

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