Installing Toilet on Concrete Slab
Posted by Jim Phillipps on January 04, 2002 at 16:09:58:

I am about to install a toilet on a concrete slab in my basement. To make it even more fun, I am laying down Ceramic tile in this small area.

I have a couple of concerns and am looking for some advice.

1. The drain pipe (3" PVC) for the toilet is capped coming out of the concrete around 8" out of the concrete, the concrete around this pipe is secured to the pipe and crowned. Picture a mini volcano type effect - so the floor slopes gradually up to the drain.

I have chiselled / grinded the floor so it is somewhat level around this drain and I figure with ceramic tile, concrete combination I now can make it very level around this drain. Question - do I have to excavate around the drain so that the flange can fit over top of it? Is there something that can go on the inside - otherwise have to keep pounding away.... ugg.

2. The flange should sit on top of the ceramic - right? What is the best way to drill through the ceramic and into the concrete to secure the flange?



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