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Posted by LW on January 03, 2002 at 05:25:11:
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: It would not be my first choice and I have never installed 1 1/2" pipe for a drain even above the floor except as a short arm off the 2".

: : I recently had a plumber cut the concrete in the basement to install a sink, disposal, and dish washer drain to connect to a sewage pit with an ejector pump.

: : After the pipe was installed, I noticed that he had put in 1 1/2 pipe rather than 2 inch. He told me that the 1 1/2 was adequate for the 8 foot drain length.

: : My understanding is that 2 inch is required under concrete by code.

: : My real concern is if 1 1/2 inch will handle the load.

: : Any advice?

Thanks. I'm having him tear-out the 1 1/2 inch and put in 2 inch after talking to my local building inspector and after reading your message.

Fortunately, I caught this before the concrete went back in.

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