Noisy Pipes
Posted by Hugh on January 01, 2002 at 21:22:43:
My wife and I just moved into a home with a fairly new (<3 years)propane fired boiler/baseboard heating system. Unfortunately, we are being awakened numerous times each night with what sounds like banging or expanding pipes. We hear a series of increasingly loud taps, which ultimately reach maximum volume, then decrease in volume until they stop. Probably about 20 taps in all.

We've had a few HVAC repairman by who've bled the pipes, put some padding around the top of the pipe as it comes out of the floor, and a few other things that have made zero difference. They don't seem to be real helpful in telling us what our options are. They have all said that the pipes are fairly loose and that they are traveling a long way from the basement of the house to our second story bedroom.

The prospect of being awakened every night of the winter is not a very comforting thought. Can someone give us some advice on how to go about getting this resolved?

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