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Posted by More on December 31, 2001 at 20:04:00:
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When you removed the toilet and poured five gallons down the problem..... did you look into the base of the toilet and check the trap? I'll bet you have an obsrtruction in the toilet fixture itself and not the drain, (if in fact you poured five gallons quickly down the drain no problem). The trap in the fixture is just round enough and restrictive enough to allow a plastic poker chip to get jammed into it, and spin closed when weight of water hits it, but also spins and allows a fish tape to pass.

: what do you think the problem is with my will not flush..all other drains and toilets are working fine in the house..we removed toilet and poured 5 gallons of water down problem..any suggestions on what the problem is with the toilet?

: please respond..............

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