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Posted by More on December 31, 2001 at 19:04:51:
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When the toilet flushes six gallons of water through its three inch drain hole into a four inch sewer soil stack that is four inches continuous through the roof vent, you wn't experience that gurgling. The toilet in question may have a shared vent which is not adequate to vent the flow of the dropping weight of wastewater, and so the vent tries to suck air through the approximately four ounces of water standing in the sink drain "p"trap. That trap water is heavier than air, and therefore allows the air to flow past it and cause the gurgling.

Go onto the roof and examine the roof vent with a high powered light to ensure no birds nests or squirrels have fouled the vent size restricting available air to vent the sewer.

: When we flush one particular toilet we hear gurgling in the sink....cant be good....any ideas?

: Thanks

: J & J

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