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Posted by More on December 31, 2001 at 18:45:09:
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When the air gushes, does it last longer than three minutes? Does it happen on a regular cycle? Does it happen when the thermostat is turned off? When it happens is it warm or cold air gushing? What did the heater guy do to temporarily stop it?

There are smoke generators that plumbers use to locate the source and direction of leaks in the plumbing and drain system, so that they can pinpoint the leak. There are different color smoke bombs to locate different leaks. Baseboard heaters are convection heaters that do not move large volumes of air. Have you made sure it is air you hear, and not heating fluid in the supply lines?

: : I need help! We continually have air gushing through the baseboards so loud that it wakes you up out of a dead sleep. Our heater guy has been out 3 times trying to figure this out and we thought he had it. It stopped for a month but now that is has gotten colder, it's back, worse than ever! We have an oil hot water heater with summer/winter hookup. Any ideas what may be causing this?
: We have the exact same problem at our house. We have tried several plumbers who just drained air from the system but that didn't stop it. Please help!

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