toilet performance feedback
Posted by Eric on December 30, 2001 at 20:35:14:

A few weeks ago the Orange County, California water district offered a
toilet replacement program through a local home improvement store. The
toilet being used for the swap-out was an American Standard "Plebe". I
replaced my two thirty year-old (by chance same model name) toilets with
the new ones.

Let me tell you, what a piece of junk these models were. One was
obviously defective because it would clog about one in five flushes with
minimal debris. The other clogged with about one in thirty flushes with
substantial debris.

I was able to convince the home improvement store to allow me to upgrade
to the American Standard "Cadet" and pay the difference between the two
models. What a difference between performance of the two models. I have
tested the "Cadet" with heavy loads and have yet to have it clog.

I don't understand how a reputable company like American Standard could
put out such a bad new version of the "Plebe" like they did. Just by
looking at it, one can see it is a poor design. The bottom of the basin
is a round center drain that must take an immediate ninety degree angle
turn with little or no jet force to direct the debris. It seems that if
the exit is filled with debris such as wet toilet paper, it acts as a
wedge, not allowing anything to pass.

I hope this information may be helpful to you and your site visitors,


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