Replacing a 100 year old bath/shower tap system
Posted by Ken Greenaway on December 30, 2001 at 12:40:17:
My 100 year old house is in need of replacement taps in the tub. The current controls are on the wall ten inches above the top of the tub. We have the usual old HOT, COLD, and TUB/SHOWER controls that each come out of a large white ceramic piece that is like and inverted cup - nice old stuff from the past; therefore there are three holes in the wall.

I would like to keep the same configuration with modern taps (with and old look) that have the flow controls of the typical new single wall mounted controls. My goal is to leave the bathroom intact rather than destroying the lovely old "METRO" style ceramics and the three control look of the past.

Is there any new tap system that can achieve what I am looking for or can you suggest a control system that can cover the three holes as still look decent?

Thanks in advance.

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