Bathroom Ceiling
Posted by Laurie on December 29, 2001 at 13:52:34:
I moved into an 1950's cottage style house that had been added on to at one end. I chose to move the bathroom into what (before the addition) was an ouside access storage room. Moving the plumbing, tub, toilet and sink had it's challenges but that part is done. Now I have to do the part I've been putting off!! lol The ceiling of this room is rough boards. An attempt to put up ceiling tile by the previous owners left globs of dark brown rock hard like stuff all over the ceiling which I can't even chisel off. I bought some thin firring strips thinking I could maybe run the strips with the joists and give me something to attach the greenboard to but I'm worried about moisture getting trapped between the greenboad and the original ceiling. I have plastic sheeting but thought before I do this treatment to this ceiling, I'd ask if you have a better idea? or maybe some advise?

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