Re: Suspended garage not Engineered for added weight of room
Posted by hj on December 28, 2001 at 13:30:08:
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My first reaction is, "What is he/she talking about?" It appears that the space is already in place under the garage and they are just finishing it. And what effect does a room under the garage have on the floor of the garage? And any flammable materials should not be in the garage anyway, but if they are they will be above the concrete floor not in the new room with the suspended ceiling. You are correct that Liquid Nails will never hold a suspended ceiling, but the added added weight should be insignificant to a properly designed overhead garage floor, especially if there should be interior partitions that will help support the ceiling.

: The suspended garage isn't engineered to also carry the weight of the room you are adding, and then the furniture, and able bodies who will occupy it. You are creating a potential disaster if the room you are hanging under the suspended garage isn't transferring it's own weight through the bearing weight to the ground. Concrete anchors are not designed to carry live loads, and certainly glued ceiling joists are out of the question. You'll need to construct footings or Piers to carry the live weight of the new room transferred to firm stable soil through outside bearing walls. These outside walls are constructed with "pockets" for the ceiling joists to rest upon headers, (or top plates) which can be nailed or screwed to the framing in the traditional manner. Be advised that you are also creating a FIRE TRAP by the effect of a chimney that cannot be accessed below the suspended floor of the garage, which will likely house flammable fuel, oil, solvents, cars, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, etc. since your cieling will likely contain electrical conduit, lights, heaters, plumbing, vents, computer and alarm wiring

: : I have a suspended garage under which I'm building a room. I want to install a sheet rock ceiling, but I'm unsure how to install the ceiling joists. The room is 10'x12' using wood 2x4 construction. The best option I can think of is to use concrete anchors to suspend 2x4s between the walls. Any suggestions on types of anchors, if this will support the weight of sheet rock, etc. ? Thanks.

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