Foot valve stuck open
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When the well pump needs to be primed it indicates that the suction side is a problem, not the pressure side. In the event you are priming an electric suction pump that needs to lift the weight of water from a lower water well, cased above a standing water level, then you need to prime the pump with a lot more water, until the level will remain constant. If the level absolutely will not remain constant, then the foot valve is stuck open. In that case you will need to extract the suction pipe and foot valve which requires a straight above shot (above the well casing) somewhat longer than the pipe joint lengths (probably 21 feet). This normally requires a crane or A frame to support the pipe to allow you access to the joints to unscrew. The foot valve is a flapper that retains water weight inside the suction line, so that the suction pump doesn't need to pull water a long distance. The suction pump isn't large enough to pull a strong vacuum in the suction line to lift the weight of the water.

: I bought a house that hadn't been lived in for five years and decided to replace the plumbing and have been trying to get the new well pump to work.

: I followed the instructions for priming the pump. The first thing I've noticed is that the water doesn't remain at a constant level it keeps dropping back down into the pump/pipe. Anytime I've tried to start the pump it only spits back out the water that I've already put in and then does nothing else. I don't know what condition the pipe leading from the well to the house is in but I would think since the water is only dropping so far and then stopping(subfloor level) that the pipe is probably okay. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can try next. I've "primed" it several times with no luck whatsoever.

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