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Posted by hj on December 27, 2001 at 21:59:10:
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You are referring to domestic hot water piping. Heating pipes are not covered by building codes and your calculations are also irrelevent for them. Sizing a heating system requires a lot of information and is best done by someone in your area who knows the weather patterns and can size it for the worst case scenario.

: The Department of Building and Safety covers the requirements for the Supply risers and the condensate return piping for your geographical area. Supply pipe for freezing areas like New York and New Hampshire are different than supply pipe for Arkansas and Kentucky. The three story supply will likely require check valve (backflow prevention) as well as cross connect protection, pressure regulators, and may allow decreasing supply side size as the pressure demand decreases. The pressure assist pump is oftentimes added mid span where the water column is heavy because of pipe size diameter and the supply pressure is not sufficient. The larger size supply pipe will lose its temperature holding capability very quickly, anbd therefore will require an insulation of high quality to prevent the pump cycling too often. Ask the building department about the type of non asbestos insulation materials they recommend.

: : I am in the process of building a three story house with a hot water radiator heating system. I am curious what size supply riser I need to feed all three stories. The boiler will be in the cellar and there will be three risers, one for each floor. Each floor is approx 10' high with a total of 1500 sqf per floor. What size riser pipes should I use? What size pipe should inter-connect each riser on every floor? What size feed should I use on each floor?

: : Any help or links for correct sizing or caluactions would be appreciated!!

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