Re: Insinkerator SinkTop Switch
Posted by More on December 27, 2001 at 21:06:28:
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Are you referring to an Insinkerator garbage disposal unit or a spa or heated water shower? The garbage disposal switch must always be consistant, or else it is defective. When it is difficult to push down, it is indicating the switch assist cam is off center, then when it must push down a long distance you are bypassing the switch assist and contacting the electrodes directly. Replace the switch.....ESPECIALLY if there is a chance that water got into it! Water and power don't mix.

: We can't seem to get the switch to work on a consistant basis. The button is difficult to push down and when we do get the button to operate the unit, we must push the button down a long distance. It seems to not have any air in the unit. I was told the unit worked that way. At times, my plumber said there is water in the unit chamber.

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