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Good for you, now you're learning, and Terry Loves free advice doesn't cost much for the education. High Quality cabinets are manufactured by contractors who rely upon repeat customers and referrals for their continuation in a highly competitive field.They use a heavier material so that it won't chip, scald, fray, shatter, and become a hazard to family members during it's lifetime. LOWES would love to separate you from your hard earned cash by selling you an inexpensive material that is not as heavy as commercial grade products, and is of the same thickness and consistency as other Lowes stores. You want BUZZ WORDS? Try High quality. Try commercial grade. Try manufacturer recommended. Try looking inside the cabinet at the frame, where there is a manufacturer's label that can give you the name of the local company who built the cabinets to get the product number and thickness.

: I seem to learn something new each day!!

: I am told that there is a difference in thickness for Formica (laminates) used in cabinetry or cabinet
: refacing as opposed to that used in building countertops or countertop replacement.

: What are the correct "buzz words" to use in properly asking for this thickness of Formica?
: Where is available? I purchased my sheets of countertop Formica from Lowe's but it all appeared to
: be the same thickness.

: I now have a project on my list to refinish (reface) my kitchen cabinets and plan to
: use white Formica. Any tips or suggestions for this project will be useful.

: Thanks -

: Ron

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