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Posted by More on December 27, 2001 at 20:04:02:
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Whether you can fix it yourself or will need a plumber remains to be seen by the size of the leak. When the black plastic flange is heavy wall ABS and is also a closet bend, the required cement is most often leak free when applied in a professional manner. Some cement forms a puddle in the joint which actually weakens the pipe wall when applied too liberally, and this may be your case. Most cement applications require pressure to be applied AND MAINTAINED upon the joint while the cement solvent attacks the sidewall of the flange and the sidewall of the drain pipe to cause a cementing weld like bond - which is also leak free, although when the pressure is not maintained, and the closet bend is then moved or pressured into place, a leak can occur. If you simply apply cement to the outside of the pipe wall and flange, you might get lucky and stop the leak for a short while, but the likelihood of a strong leak free joint is small, especially in light of the leaking material has been carrying waste material which is deposited on the very same area you are trying to cement. And then when the leak appears the next time, it will likely not be at a convenient time to effect another temporary repair. Want some good free advice for the new year? Call a LICENSED plumber!

: I have a leak where the end of the toilet flange meets the pipe (I guess its called a closet bend). The black plastic flange fits over the main black plastic pipe and appears to be held together by some sort of cement or glue. Right where the flange meets the pipe, it leaks when the tiolet is flushed. I always thought that the flange fits inside the pipe but this is not the case here. Can I fix this myself or do I need a plumber.

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