Re: are pipes from house to barn freezing?
Posted by More on December 27, 2001 at 19:37:30:
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North Carolina? What frost level is the Building Department telling you is required for water line cover? 24 inches? When the air temperature is 20 degrees at the soil surface and your water pipes are only 18 inches deep, they are very likely freezing. There's two ways you can tell: First, leave one of the faucets open in the barn, even though it won't allow water to flow, and check to see if it flows when the temperature rises to 34 degrees. If so....then you have your answer. Another method is to leave water flowing slowly constantly, since moving water can't freeze. A slow drip isn't enough to prevent line freeze in 20 degree temperature, because of the expansion coefficient. In the warmer temperatures dig up the water line, and insulate both the hot and cold with a waterproof insulation, or else bury the water lines deeper than the frost level.

: I have water running from my house to barn, about 75 feet. I have installed frost free faucets in the barn, and the water still won't flow when temps hit 20�s or lower. I live in central NC. I think the pipes are 18" in the ground. How can I tell if it's the pipes that are frozen, or something else? Thanks in advance

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