Basement Plumbing
Posted by Kent K on December 26, 2001 at 00:57:59:
I need some help confirming my understanding of venting of floor drains and other in concrete piping. I am looking at changing the layout of a "roughed in" bath in the basement to combine laundry and bath into one room. Currently the laundry tub for washer discharge is vented and then dumped into main stack. The toilet and shower stubs are within 3 feet of main stack (vertical), and from what I can see are not vented. I'm assuming these are considered "wet" vented as they are close to main stack. The bath sink is farther from stack and is vented.

So if I read my books right, I don't need to vent shower(2") or toilet line(3") dumping into main stack if they are within 5 & 6 feet of main stack respectively???

Thanks for the insight!


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