Re: Mistake in terminology for Old toilet repair
Posted by hj on December 22, 2001 at 09:28:52:
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You need a plumber who is experienced in older toilets. It could be a Crane with a special flapper that has a slot instead of ears. It could be an Eljer that has a tilt flapper. Or it could be one of the other units that were made like that. In any case you either have to find the specific part for that toilet or use a Fluidmaster #555 FlushFixer that will glue to the valve seat and replace the mechanism.

: Corrected:
: My friend has an old toilet that needs repair. I have never seen one like this before and cannot find parts for it. The overflow tube is built into the tank
: and is the same material as the tank. It needs a new flapper and arm but the one to be replaced is attached on a U shaped bracket (with ears) that is held
: down by the bolt that attaches the tank to the base. All the flapper assemblies I have seen do not fit this configuration and there is no way to attach one
: to the overflow tube. HELP! She has company coming for the holidays!

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