Re: How Difficult is Refrigerator Water Line Hook-Up
Posted by hj on December 21, 2001 at 08:27:40:
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The hardest part is making the water connection to the sink piping. There are many ways of doing it but without knowing how your faucet is connected we cannot tell you the best way in your case. The worst way of making a connection is to use a piercing saddle valve. They are notorious for eventually leaking and when they do, they have distorted the copper pipe so a repair, and proper connection, is very difficult.

: Hi,

: How difficult is it to install a Refrigerator Water
: Line Hook-Up? We're replacing our old fridge with a
: newer model and we're really interested in the through-
: the-door ice makers/drinking water features that the
: newer fridges have. Unfortunately, I don't have a
: water line running to the fridge right now. I have
: replaced sinks, faucets, and toilets so I do have a
: knowledge of plumbing. It seems to me that it should be
: fairly simple to install a refrigerator water line
: (i.e., drill a couple of holes through cabinets, run
: pipe from fridge to cold water pipe under sink, and
: hook everything up). Yes? No? What sort of connection
: do I have to make on the cold water pipe under the
: sink? Are there kits available that include everything
: necessary to do this? Any advice would be greatly
: appreciated. Thanks.

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