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Posted by David Foley on December 20, 2001 at 12:45:08:
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: This is a new unit, but the mfg is apparently out of business, the original distributer was Warnock Hersery, but they no longer deal with this product. It is being sold on ebay by folks who pick up this kind of merchandise. Lcye Mfg makes and sells a very similar product which is apparently a newer version as they refer to the JCE55 in that context. Interestingly enough, the Geyser E54 which is their unit, does not use a relief valve. Here's the basis of my questioning the need for a relief valve on my unit. There is no hot water held in a tank. When you turn the tap, the water heats. When you close the tap, the heating process stops. How can there be a pressure build up when the tap is open? How can it over heat if it does not heat water until the tap is open and stops heating when the tap is closed? You have to remember that these instant heaters are not in any way like a conventional hot water heater. Thanks for you thoughts, but I'm still looking for someone who is knowledgeable about this particular device.


I am going to install one of these units in the very near future. My plumber's theory is, "what if the flow rate valve in the tankless unit fails or hangs open for a short time and the heating element ramains on for a time? The relief valve would activate in this event."
With my current hot water tank system I have both a relief valve on the tank (required) an a "Watts Regulator" pressure relief valve located in a toilet tank which takes the pressure off my water system with regular water heating. My municipality installed an anti-backflow valve on the main. When water is heated (in the tank) and all faucets are closed, the pressure has to go somewhere. The �Watts Regulator� does this by releasing excess pressure into the toilet tank. It�s worked flawlessly for many years now.
I'm going with a pressure relief valve on my installation to error on the side of caution if for no other reason. I doubt if they cost very much anyway.

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