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Posted by hj on December 19, 2001 at 23:22:24:
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Unless it is a very new radiator, it is assembled with push nipples. You can unfasten the tie bolts that hold the sections together and then use a wedge to separate them. If the push nipples come apart the way you need them then there is no problem. Otherwise you have to knock the unneeded ones out and use them where you do need them. One problem is that once a pushnipple has been compressed, it may leak when reassembled. Also use pipe dope on the nipple when you push it back together.

: Hi,
: I am trying to shorten up my steam radiator in my bathroom. Is it possible to remove some "fins" and reassemble without the radiator leaking? I'm sure there are some gaskets or O-Rings between the fins. Has anyone tried this before? I appreciate the help.

: PJ

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