Well pump not working
Posted by Ryan on December 19, 2001 at 11:32:45:
I bought a house that hadn't been lived in for five years and decided to replace the plumbing and have been trying to get the new well pump to work.

I followed the instructions for priming the pump. The first thing I've noticed is that the water doesn't remain at a constant level it keeps dropping back down into the pump/pipe. Anytime I've tried to start the pump it only spits back out the water that I've already put in and then does nothing else. I don't know what condition the pipe leading from the well to the house is in but I would think since the water is only dropping so far and then stopping(subfloor level) that the pipe is probably okay. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can try next. I've "primed" it several times with no luck whatsoever.

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