Re: reduced faucet waterflow
Posted by More on December 17, 2001 at 23:20:35:
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After the repair you likely turned the water valve open too much, and are now getting extra pressure that is too high for the faucet. The water flow is probably reduced, even though the pressure is too high, since foreign material in the line has been allowed to travel to the filter screen (aereator) and plug it up. The increased pressure runs through the faucet, hits the obstruction, and creates the thump. Clean the filter, let it run a minute or three.

: Just fixed a leaky pipe leading to kitchen faucet. The leak has gone way but the water flow from the faucet is much reduced. Water flow at tother faucets in thehouse remain strong. When I turn the kitchen faucet on I also notice a very slight thump. Is there soem kind of air-lock? What could be causing this problem? Any reply much appreciated.

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