Re: Below Ground Trap Under Toilet
Posted by hj on December 14, 2001 at 08:22:41:
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If both toilets plug at the same time then it is in the common pipe between them, assuming that they are back to back. My feeling is that there is something in the pipe that is catching the paper, etc. from the toilet. However, depending on the snake you have, it may only be long enough to reach through the toilet in which case that stoppage may be in the bowl. One other possibility. If you remove the toilets from their connections, you may find that tree roots have grown under the floor, assuming a slab construction, and are growing up around the pipe nad then entering the connection between the flange and the toilet. If this is the case, cut off the main root, pull the roots from the pipe, and then pour a mixture of salt and water into the opening around the pipe. Pour as much as you can to discourage, (it will not stop it), further growth in order to minimize a recurrance.

: I'm probably incorrect. Am I correct in thinking that the clog is not in the toilet if I fully insert the snake before I reach the clog in both toilets? If so, would changing to a toilet with a 3" flush valve reduce clogging?

: : You may not be describing it properly, but if you are the implication is that the toilets go to that trap. If so, then there is a good possibility that they are double trapped and should not flush at all. Your diagnosis, however, could be incorrect and you need a professional to determine what the problem is. You could have a pipe or piece of board in the main pipe which is catching paper, etc.

: : : There seems to be a trap in the concrete slab below our Master Bath and Guest toilets. I can just reach it when the snake is fully inserted and can usually clear the clog. Will replacing the toilet installed in 1993 reduce or eliminate clogs or do you think something is stuck in the traps?

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