Shallow well jet pump cycling too much
Posted by Andrew on December 13, 2001 at 22:50:58:
I have a 3/4 hp shallow well jet pump fed by a 1200 gallon above ground tank. My pump is set for 30 cut on 50 cut off. Tank is set at 28. This is a new pump. When regular faucets or shower are open, it seems to work fine...about 40 seconds between motor coming on and shutting down. pressures up to 50, shuts off and rests till drop below 30. However the problem is when the TOILET or WASHING MACHINE is requesting water, the pump cycles on and off and the pressure gauge jumps and falls between 30 and 50 every second until TOILET is full or WASHING MACHINE is full.

Had this exact same problem with my last pump, only those 2 instances make the pump go spastic???

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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