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Posted by Paul on December 13, 2001 at 13:04:16:
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I just installed an electric instant water heater. It was runs at 240V 120A 28KW, and can handle 2 showers running at the same time.

It requires 200A service for a start. If you don't have 200A service, you out of luck. I had to make space in my breaker box for a 125A breaker, I had to run 125A wire from my breaker box to the water heater breaker box (it has it's own breaker box). The wiring from the water heater to the water heater break box was fairly trivial.

The next step is plumbing. Simply run a cold tap to the cold inlet, connect the hot to your hot water pipes, this again is fairly trivial.

If you go with a gas veriant, you need to install some sort of venting, possibly a power vent.

After installing my heater, not only my lights, but my neights lights would dim any time i turned on the water and would stay dim until i turned off the water. It turned out, the electric company had 3 houses sharing a 15Kw transformer. (240v @ 120A = 28Kw). I was using almost double the load that the shared transformer was capable of delivering. Once the electric company gave me my own 30Kw transformer, at no cost, it seems to work much better.

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