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Posted by hj on December 12, 2001 at 08:18:58:
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The relay is not required to have anything connected to it, so disconnecting the pump cannot harm it. The purpose of a relay is to allow a low voltage item, such as a thermostat, to control a line voltage device such as a pump, and/or allow multiple controllers to operate a single device. In your case, depending on what the relay operates besides the pump, you might not need it at all. If the relay only operates the burner and pump, for example, then the thermostat could operate the burner and the pump would operate continuously.
: . I'm trying to find literature on the Honeywell L8148E relay. I installed new Runtal hi tech rads which require continuous pressurization/water flow. The relay shuts down the pump. Should I by-pass the relay and connect power directly to the motor? Will this damage the relay

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