Help Needed with Shoddy Tub Installation (by builder)!
Posted by Tom Blake on December 10, 2001 at 18:25:10:
I have an 8 year old home in which I have always had a problem with the tub in my master bath leaking into the kitchen below. The tub is fiberglass with a cultured marble surround. Unfortunately, the builder cut corners and installed a tub that does not have a tile flange. This problem is compounded by the fact that there is about a 3/8" wide gap (about 18 inches long) at the front of the tub under the faucet between the shoulder of the tub and the vertical cultured marble surround. I have caulked this gap with silicone a number of times, and the joint always fails quickly due to the large gap and constant flexing of the tub due to the fiberglass construction. When the caulk seal fails and with no tile flange to contain the water, it's like a watefall into my kitchen below! Short of ripping out the tub and installing one with a proper tile flange, is there anything I can do to repair this? A plumber recently checked out my latest leak and confirmed there's no problem with any piping and that the source of the leak is the failure of the caulk seal at the front of the tub. Is there any waterproof packing material I could use to fill the void created by this large gap and then caulk over it? Something like backer rod or foam spray that is suitable for plumbing installations? Another thought I had was using cultured marble corner trim to seal the joint all around the tub where the tub shoulder meets the vertical cultured marble surface. The tub and surround are still in great shape and I really hate to rip them out to solve this problem. Any ideas to fix this would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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