Re: toto drake toilet--add air/pressure assist?--update
Posted by Beth Gibbs on December 10, 2001 at 09:53:18:
In response to Re: toto drake toilet--add air/pressure assist?--update

when i talked to the saleswoman this morning and really pressed her on it, she was talking about the g-max system. apparently some people don't want it. she was saying we could get the drake without it, a $30 difference. she said then it's the toto model called caruso (i think).
so she was giving me the option of not getting the g-max, which she insists has something to do with pressure, although i told her that everything i read called it "power gravity."
anyway, the price she's quoting me is totally in-line with what i read online, so i'm not going to drive her nuts about a wording difference. just wanted to clue you into what she was talking about!
thanks terry. your site and your responses are invaluable as a knowledgeable yet objective third party!

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