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Cast Iron quality is a laborious process which requires heating the metal to a high temperature which won't allow it to be stiff enough to form the high sides and roll top, so it requires a two sided mold and injection molding pouring, then slow climate controlled cooling, then form stripping, then cleanup and edge grinding, then enamelized porcelain application, then warehousing, and shipping. You are right about the heft. Transportation rates are based on tonnage, and you can get a hundred acrylic tubs in the same weight as five cast iron on a truck or rail car load.

Cast iron gets heated slower though, so your bath water stays hotter longer, loses less heat through the tub during filling, and flexes much much less when your ninety pound body enters the fragrant suds filled water, and releases that soothing "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm glad I bought cast iron"

Vice versa? Initial purchase, shipping and Installation costs are much less for acrylic, resulting in more profit for the builder.

: i am about to buy a whirlpool tub. what are the benefits of cast iron over acrylic, or vice versa. why are cast iron tubs so much more expensive (their obvious heft?)

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