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The toilet noise is produced in differing operations, the flush, the rinse, the fill, and the chill. The flush is the lower tone gurgle and agitation caused by wastewater exit and air pressure flow equalization which changes in air density, acoustics, temperature, dew point and elevation, and ranges from 13 to 46. The rinse is roughly similar. The fill noise is resultant from pressure reduction through modified fill valves generally water at 50 psi in 1/2 inch piping reduced to a 1/32 inch hole in the diaphragm through rubber, and atomized into either plastic or copper fill tubing of 1/4 inch diameter which ranges as high as 90 decibels but averages at 44. The chill creates the highest and longest acoustical decibel value when the toilet seat is cold (or left up and fallen through) which produces decibel ratings equivelent to shrill fire engine sirens at 120 decibels, or.........????

: hi,
: i was wondering how many decibels a toilet makes?

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