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What is flooding the theater.....the heating system, the Air Conditioning water supply to the chiller, the fresh water to the dressing room toilets, sinks lavatories, or the water supply pipe below the concrete floor? Or is the flooding from roof leaks, snow and rain, Or is the flooding from sewer waste plumbing not draining to the sewer main in the street, Or is the flooding from the result of unusually high groundwater? The LICENSED Plumber can fix the fresh water, drinking water, heating and Air conditioning pressure water above ground for less than six hundred dollars, when there is no factor for replacing damaged wallboard, flooring, carpeting, or acoustic material. A Roofing contractor can patch roof leaks for less than six hundred dollars most times, as well. If the sewer is plugged up and merely requires Roto Snaking, a LICENSED plumber can do that for less than $350.00 if the main is closer than 100 feet.

Flooding from below the concrete floor requires the carpet and some of the seats to be taken out( about $400.00), the leak location to be tested and located ultrasonically( about $400.00), the concrete and reinforcing steel to be cut and removed to a construction debris recycler(about $900.00), the dirt to be excavated about four feet square and deep (about $400.00), and the LICENSED plumber takes out a plumbing repair Permit and Posts a Completion Bond, cuts out a section and installs unions, couplings, sweat joint connectors, and a pressure test (about $ 1,500.00), then the city inspector inspects and okays the work, dirt gets backfilled and compacted (about $ 500.00), steel and concrete gets poured by hand (about $ 1,500.00), commercial theater fireproof carpet gets cut out to where it is not wet and moldy, gets color matched and glued into place, ( about $ 2,600) (those decorators have it good, don't they?) and then the seats get steam cleaned and replaced, ( about $ 900).

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: A plumber may be able to fix it, but first you have to describe what is flooding it. In addition, the best solution may only be apparent by having all the specifcations for the theater available.

: : I am doing a project for school. Part of my project is to find a solution to a theater being flooded. Can a plumber fix this if so how much would it cost?
: : thank you

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