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Posted by More on December 09, 2001 at 21:55:09:
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Look below in previous other postings and read up on "rotten egg smell". The smell is usually from Hydrogen Sulfide caused by the corrosion in the well water piping after the sacrificial anode had expired, and before you called the plumber. His first installation was likely a Zinc anode which receives the electrical potential differential very well, and allows itself to corrode and deposit minute minor zinc particles into the water, which created the additional chemical reaction that allowed you to believe the plumber hadn't done the right job. Your true problem is very likely that your well water is of a lower ph (Phosphorus) than 7, and therefore is more acid (corrosive to your piping) and continues to allow Hydrogen Sulfide production. You can find out by getting litmus paper at the local college or testing lab, and checking for yourself.

: My well water reaks of a rotten egg smell that we've been battling for over a year. It does not smell in the well...but out of the hot water tank. We had the anode rod changed to supposedly an aluminum one...but things just got worse. The plumber came the first time and installed a regular anode rod...claiming there was no such thing as an aluminum one...we proved him wrong and made him come back to "fix" the job. Things have been even worse since he came back. Could he or would he have deliberately put in an anode rod that would make things even worse? Am I just too suspicious of this or what? Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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