Re: Clean out clogged water lines
Posted by hj on December 09, 2001 at 20:07:10:
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I would suspect a broken valve before a plugged up copper system.

: What could cause this problem if the pipes are not plugged. All inline valves are on.. No filters in the line.. etc.. I have checked everything to no avail.

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: John

: : That should not be the problem. Copper pipes do not get plugged up that soon especially if they are not used.

: : : I have copper pipes attached to city water system. Water has not been used for several weeks. Water flow now extremely low. Checked flow at meter and pressure is ok coming into house. Copper pipes must be plugged up. Any way to flush them out. Talking both hot and cold. Have removed areators.. No galvanized pipes/fittings in system.

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: : : John

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