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Posted by hj on December 09, 2001 at 20:04:52:
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Even thought the tubs are pretested, the always have the caveat that they should be retested before being installed. If you can get the joint apart, then reglue it with glue that is recommended for flexible PVC, not all are. If the pipe will not pull apart due to an improper joint then you have a problem, since the only thing to do then is to cut the pipe off at the fitting and use a "Ram Bit" or similar that will bore the pipe out of the fitting.

: I am building a new house and have just installed a new jetted Jacuzzi bathtub. When it was turned on, there were four or five leaks, in spite of the fact that the paperwork said the tub was "pretested." All leaks were just a matter or tightening, except for one. That one is a leak at the junction of a 2" pvc tee and the white, slightly flexable rubber-like pipe inserted into the tee. How can I remove the flexable pipe, and rejoin? What kink of glue? The glue on it now is blue-green, and appears to be "mopped" around the fitting only, nothing inside that I can see (the the connection has pulled out a quarter of an inch on one side). Yes, I know that the repair can be made under warranty, but there is also a hairline crack which has been reported, and which will be repaired under warranty, but so far I have been waiting for about 1 and 1/2 months for the repairman to show. So, if practical, I would rather do this repair myself and save the hassle! Any suggestions appreciated!
: Walt

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