Re: toto drake toilet--add air/pressure assist?
Posted by Terry Love on December 08, 2001 at 12:42:48:
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: i'm purchasing a toto drake toilet, and the saleswoman suggested adding the air/pressure flush assist. she says it's only an additional $30, flushes with half the water, with NO additional noise or splashing. is she right? should i add it?

Is she kidding?
Is she trying to sell you muffler bearings for your car too?
Just a general note to all:
There is no way at this point of adding "pressure assist" to existing toilets. The tank and bowl must be engineered to work "together". I have seen attempts by others to put the "pressure" tank on the wrong bowl, with poor results.

Toto has a nice system called "G-Max" which uses a three inch flush valve combined with the Quick-fill Korky fill valve.
The large siphon on the Toto, allows water to pass through the trapway very quickly. I might add, with less noise than the pressure assist that others use.
Plumbers consider the Toto G-Max and Power Gravity toilets as install and forget toilets.
They just work.

I sell quite a few of the "pressure assist" toilets also. Gerber, American Standard are two I sell a lot of. They do work nice, a bit more noise, but for some, that is not a problem.

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