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Posted by Troy on December 06, 2001 at 18:09:15:
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Thanks for the info HJ. I went to home depot and purchased a rebuild kit for my PRV and replaced the inner working and got it down to 60#. Now all I have to do is change the relief valve.

: Unions are not generic so a new unit may not "drop into" your situation. But if adjusting does not correct the pressure then replace the valve. 150 psi will cause the relief valve to discharge. Do not replace it until after the pressure is reduced. However if it is more than a couple of years old, it should be replaced anyway.

: : my water pressure is at 150#. I tried adjusting the screw, but the pressure stays the same. I'm pretty handy, but have never changed one of these before. Should I try it or call the plumber. The PRV has unions on both sides and looks easy to replace????

: : Also my pressure valve on top of my water heater keeps leaking. Could this be from the high water pressure? Do I need to replace this also?

: : please help....any advise is greatly appreciated

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