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Posted by Terry Love on December 06, 2001 at 17:24:45:
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: hi terry--

: great site. i'm looking to replace our kohler wellworths--we have 3 that were installed in 1995 and stop up constantly. based on your report, we're considering the toto drake. would that be your top choice? i'm puzzled--why was toto completely left out of the consumer reports 5/98 piece? also, what about the new redesigned wellworths? are they still as terrible as the older ones? should we consider them, or is the extra $100 for the toto a hands-down better choice?

: thanks!--beth

In 98 When CR did their report, they looked at thirteen toilets. Many of those on their list were rated poor, so they did not make my list.
My report is based on plumber and homeowner input, as well as in home usage. I believe that most people could "give a rip" how well a toilet flushes ping pong balls, or Cherrios. The biggest problem, has been what people really put down these things. A ping pong ball will bounce right down the trapway, right past those sharp edges and ledges that catch the things we worry about. It takes a good gush of water and smooth, uniform passageways to work the way we want them to.

Is the Drake really better than the Wellworth, YES!

The new Wellworth is better than the 95 version, but still not good enough that I would put them on my report.

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