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Posted by Terry Love on December 06, 2001 at 11:41:12:
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: Surprised my wife with a pre-Christmas gift, a new dishwasher. This is a new install.
: Electric is pretty basic, and hot water line is a no brainer. Only question is the drain line.
: We do not have a garbage disposal, and the DW will be located next to the sink. I guess
: I am not sure about the drain, 20 inched here 20 inches loop, ETC. Can't I just tap into the sink
: drain wit a tee fitting??-Does the sink tap have to be 20 inches about the sub floor or cabinet floor??-
: This is confusing. I was not planning on using an air vent, do I need it?? Thanks For any input. Stash

Some people use a second trap off the the sink drain with a 3/4" insert fitting for the drain hose. They also make a 1-1/2 extension tube with dw inlet. Not the best, but they have been done. If you don't go with an air gap, at least run the drain loop as high as possible under the counter.
An installation according to code will change with the area. Being a plumber, My installs come with either the counter air gap, or what we call a Johnson Tee, in the Northwest.

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