Re: Gas valve not working in new water heater
Posted by hj on December 05, 2001 at 08:00:00:
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Since the only thing you should have to do is turn the knob to the pilot position and push the button down, if you have done that properly, then the valve could be defective. Even though the GE heater is made by a reputable manufacturer, Home Depot's items have a higher rate of defects than those available to the professional.

: Just finished installing a new GE gas water heater and tried to light the pilot light but no gas. I pressed down on the pilot button and hear no gas wound and there is nothing to light below. Is the valve box no good or is there something I didn't do?

: I confirmed there is gas getting though the (new flexible stainless) gas line to the valve box on the heater. I pulled the fitting back out and looked inside the valve box and see the little filter screen. All seems normal, all wather and flue hookup work fine. Tank filled normally.

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